Autori: Lucia Scorolli, Enrico Meduri, Renato P. Meduri, Paola Adami, Alessandro Meduri, Claudio Melloni, Marialuisa Lugaresi, Sergio Z. Scalinci

AIM OF THE STUDY: the purpose of this prospective, randomized and blinded study was to value the efficacy of “Scorolli Sclerectocanalotomy”, a new low-cost glaucoma surgical technique (compared to a classical technique of deep sclerectomy).

MATERIALS AND METHODS: 110 pseudophakic eyes (group A) in 110 patients, 45 phakic eyes (group C) in 45 patients, all of them resistant to maximal (3 active principles, each of them used 3 times /day) medications or/and previous filtering surgeries. Each patient was treated with “Scorolli Sclerectocanalotomy” and was followed for 1.8 year; 70 eyes in 70 patients (group B) were the control group, each of them treated with deep sclerectomy adding T-flux valve or Aquaflow type plant collagen. Authors evaluated average age, preoperative and postoperative intraocular pressure (IOP) for 1.8 year; preoperative and postoperative Humphrey computerized visual field after 1.8 year; preoperative and 1.8 year-postoperative best-corrected visual acuity.

Autori: Luigi Mele MD, Marco Giovanni Iorio MD, Sandro Sbordone MD, Mario Bifani MD

Introduction Deep lamellar keratoplasty (DLK) is a surgical technique that consists in removal of corneal epithelium and stroma up to Descemet's membrane with subsequent affixing of a corneal flap which have been previously removed both endothelium and Descemet's membrane. Essential prerogative is the integrity of corneal endothelium which is previously evaluated by careful biomicroscopic examination and primarily by endothelial microscopy. Indications are constituted by all those diseases where the corneal endothelium is intact. Advantages are the best mechanical stability of the flap and the best control of astigmatism. disadvantage is the difficulty of the technique. The most relevant intraoperative complication consist in drilling, while the post-operative is the rejection without endothelium involvement. We present a case of rejection at the stromaendothelium interface.

Autore: S. Giordanella

The objective of this paper was to undertake a narrative review of the literature regarding main characteristics of the unilateral negligence syndrome. Method A literature search was performed to identify published full text original research articles documenting correlations between right brain damage and visual and cognitive deficit and to identify published systematic reviews/meta-analysis The electronic databases comprised of Embase, Google, Google Scholar, Medline, PubMed, Science Direct, Scopus and Springer Link. An interpretative narrative synthesis was undertaken and emergent themes analysed and reported.
Results Twenty studies and eight reviews were included in the final analysis. There were seven main themes which including: right brain damage, visual deficit, behavioral aspects, spatial attention, peripersonal and extrapersonal space, awareness, interventention.
Conclusions In this review we have focused on clinical aspects of neglect. Recent findings emphasise that the neglect syndrome is a dramatic condition which impairs awareness of controlateral-sided events. It is characterized by the presence of different and specific deficits. The studies on the neglect confirm the modular interpretation of the neural circuits and the dissociation between many cerebral process. It would be correct thinking a specific rehabilitation in terms of what is the best way to treat a person with a specific cognitive deficit.

Autori: Sergio Z. Scalinci, Lucia Scorolli, Marialuisa Lugaresi

AIM: To evaluate the neuroprotective role of phosphoserine and its anti-apoptotic properties in glaucoma and to compare the effectiveness of phosphoserine therapy to placebo treatment in patients affected by glaucoma.

METHODS: 51patients (24 males and 27 females), between the ages of 35 and 61 years (average age of 46 years ; standard deviation of ± 3.8) each affected by Chronic Simple Glaucoma (CSG) were enrolled in this study and followed-up for twelve months, before the treatment, and at 1,3,6, and 12 months. Patients were divided in two groups: subjects in group A (28 patients – Experimental study Groupgroup) received an oral phosphoserine treatment daily for nine months, subjects in group B (23 patients – cControl gGroup) received an oral placebo treatment daily for nine months. The patients’ selection was based on the following inclusion: IOP


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